Clever storage - how to make the best of your kitchen space

by Amy Biddle on Monday 22nd June 2015

Amy Biddle

It doesn’t matter how good your kitchen looks, if you can’t store everything properly it just won’t function. Here’s our top tips on how to make the best of your kitchen’s space by ensuring that every cupboard, drawer, nook and cranny is used as efficiently as possible.


Opting for drawers instead of standing shelving will more than double your storage space as well as making everything well organised and easy to access. Drawers with dedicated areas for crockery also mean less damage & chipping. Choose from fully extending compartments, push-open and soft-closing mechanisms. Hidden drawers are a great idea for smaller kitchens


Larders make a wonderful statement piece in a kitchen and are very versatile as they can include drawers, cupboards, baskets and shelves. Depending on whether you opt for a traditional or more contemporary design a larder offers flexible storage space and easy access. You can even build your larder around a fridge/freezer to keep all foods in one specific area of your kitchen. A pull out larder is an ideal space saver for a smaller kitchen.


Corners are the most under utilised areas of a kitchen. Making these areas more accessible via magic corners, carousels, swing-outs and rotating trays you are not only increasing your storage capacity but ergonomic design means smooth operations and safe storing of all your kitchen items. Corner units are perfect for storing pots and pans, packet foods with carousels being able to withhold up to 20kg so ideal for bulky items such as bottles or small kitchen appliances.

Under Sink

Put the space under your sink to good use – a sink drawer or integrated recycling area saves valuable floor space. You can compartmentalise all your cleaning products meaning quick and easy access to your dishwashing tabs or a handy place to store waste until collection day.

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