How to add shimmering metallics to your kitchen design

by Amy Biddle on Tuesday 1st September 2015

Amy Biddle

With the trend for metallics showing no signs of abating, discover how metallics can bring a wonderful new dimension to your kitchen.

Whether you want to add a few subtle golden glimmers in accessories and lighting or are looking for something more substantial, such as a shiny metallic island, antique copper cooker or battered bronze sink.

Whatever your preference, find some inspiration from these clever kitchen designs.

If you want to add some metallic elements to your kitchen without starting from scratch, copper-coloured bar stools or dining chairs will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Lighting is one area where you’ll find an enormous amount of choice in terms of metallics. Gold, brass or copper options are everywhere.

Have a look at a copper cooker. For a French country kitchen feel, an antique copper-coloured range cooker is the perfect accompaniment to those traditional copper pans.

Finer details - a few small, subtle touches of gold can really bring a plain kitchen alive. See how the gold cup handles and tap add an interesting twist.

Pick one statement feature, such as bronze-back mirror tiles. Mirror tiles or metallic-coloured ceramic tiles are both good options. As an alternative to splashback tiles, metal sheeting in bronze, brass or copper can be cut to size for a wonderfully sleek, no-join appearance. Go for a high-shine reflective finish or a scratched and tarnished antique finish.

Don’t forget switches - plug sockets and switch plates come in a whole range of in metallic hues. Make them a standout feature by choosing shiny copper or polished gold, or go for a less obtrusive look with antique or brushed brass or distressed copper.

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