Wolf M Series oven wins innovation award

by Amy Biddle on Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Amy Biddle

Having this oven on working display in our showroom we can see why - it is packed with really useful, innovative features. Here’s our highlights that make this oven a cook’s dream:

The overall look is very modern and contemporary with it’s sleek handle-less design.   

At 125 litres, it is vast. Perfect for large joints and multiple dish cooking.

The curved back design of the oven cavity creates more usable interior oven space.

The revolutionary Dual Verticross Convection system provides consistent and faster heat across all oven racks. 

With three halogen lights in each oven you have a clear view of your cooking at all times, easily monitoring the progress inside without having to open the door and disturb the cooking process. 

The automatic Gourmet cooking mode offers a menu of almost 50 pre-sets. It automatically controls the cooking telling you the correct rack position to use, sets and selects the ideal cooking mode and adjusts the temperature on its own. It even tells you whether or not pre-heat and resting times are required. 

We have road tested this in our showroom – a perfectly cooked rib of beef. Peace of mind for entertaining and special events.

The pyrolitic self-cleaning mode perform its own cleaning ritual. You just press and button and it gets on with it, all that’s required is to simply wipe any ash or powder away with a soft cloth. 

There is so much we could say about this fantastic oven – quality build, high performance and strongly consumer led features. Pop into the showroom to see it in action. 

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